Bed and Breakfasts: Better than Hotels

March 20th, 2014 cklotz_admin

25199141_S75% of travelers say that Bed and Breakfasts offer better amenities than hotels, while only 56% of hotel guests rate staff highly. Hotels are a place to hang your hat, but Bed and Breakfasts are a place to put up your feet. A recent infographic at compiled some statistics on exactly how much better a bargain a Bed and Breakfast is over a night in a hotel.

Wi-Fi at most Bed and Breakfasts is free. The average hotel cost for Wi-Fi is $13.95 per day. Parking in Chicago costs about $42 for a single night and is hardly ever included in hotel packages. Bed and Breakfasts won’t charge a penny for parking. Other hidden fees in a hotel stay include shuttle fees, concierge services, housekeeping services, doormen services, and fees for use of the safe. All of these are usually included in your Bed and Breakfast package.

80% of American travelers say that a free breakfast will sway their accommodation decision while on the go. Even though continental breakfasts are sometimes included in hotel stays, the quality of meals leads 1 in 3 hotel guests to forego the option altogether to find local options outside of their hotel. On the other side, “breakfast” is in the title. Fresh, homemade breakfasts always come along with stays at Bed and Breakfasts. And just in case you do forego it, your hostess will be more than happy to recommend the ultimate local gastronomic experience.

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