Electricity for New Bern

July 31st, 2014 cklotz_admin

The Duke Energy Progress just recently bought out the generating assets of 32 cities, which includes New Bern. This is because there were many electricity and power generation assets that the NCEMPA owned that were costing them a few billion dollars. So they had to find a way to off the debt they had accumulated from the various plants they owned. That meant finding someone to sell to, and the Duke Energy Progress was more than happy to take over.

What does this entire process mean for New Bern though? Well in most cases it could actually result in a massive drop in the electricity bills for everyone in New Bern. The cause has to do with expenses the city has to make when it comes to their utilities. With Duke Energy taking over New Bern can see as much as a 70% reduction in how much they were paying for their electricity. That can translate to a significant cut in the energy bills for every citizen of New Bern.

Or more specifically, it can cut the cost of that businesses have put into electricity. Although the cost reduction isn’t set in stone, most people are in agreement that there should be a drop in bills for everyone due to the lack of debt that previously needed to be paid off. Hopefully the cost drops low though so the Hanna House Bed and Breakfast can put that money toward other areas to make the home that much better for all that visit.


Source: http://www.newbernsj.com/news/local/duke-energy-progress-ncempa-deal-could-lower-local-electric-rates-1.351550

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