“The Girls will Arrive”

March 20th, 2014 Camille Klotz

I am so excited to report that on Sunday March 23, I will receive my 2 packages of honey bees.  Two queens will be included, these two special bees will be “marked”, so that I will be able to identify them amongst the many hundreds of their sister bees as being the “Queens”.   I have been preparing for their arrival for almost a year now. I joined the local Beekeepers association, taken the beekeeping class and passed with a certification in “Beekeeping”.  Painted the hives, constructed the frames with the wax foundations,  prepared the site in our garden, and planted  just the right kind of shrubs and flowers that these little creatures enjoy and thrive on.  I AM EXCITED!

I invite you  to come to our garden and view the wonder of theses tiny creatures (via binoculars) .   They are totally self sufficient,if they remain healthy.  That means no pesticides please.  They are here to help pollenate our vegetables and flowers, partners in the cycle of life.

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